Secure Login Prerequisites

(Security Alert, Viewing the Certificate, Installing the Certificate)

In order for your web browser to process our secured pages, you need to install a security certificate which is issued by our Information Systems Department. This is a one-time process for a given workstation that logs into our site for Reporting purposes. When a user attempts to connect to our secured site, the following alert might appear (this example demonstrates running a PC using Microsoft Internet Explorer; others browsers will display a similar message and appropriate procedures for installing a certificate must be followed).

Security Alert

You have three choices at this point: 1. Accept proceeding with the browser by clicking the 'Yes' button (you have to do this every time when you connect to our secure site), 2. Click the 'No' button, which will prevent you from accessing our secure site, or 3. View the certificate to confirm 'Cactus Environmental' as being the issuer, and then install the certificate on you PC for future use. Back to Top.

Viewing the Certificate

When you view the certificate and it shows '' as the issuer, you then know that the certificate can be installed. If the issuer is not '', do not install the certificate and do not proceed with using the website but rather contact us to investigate the issue.  Back to Top.

Installing the Certificate

Simply follow the instructions of the Installation Wizard

Click 'Yes' and the installation is completed.

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