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Services Summary

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  Stage II Testing Services

Our Stage II testing equipment has been designed to perform all tests required by the State of Texas (TCEQ) and the State of California Air Board (CARB) 

The Initial and 3 year compliance tests are identical and require the completion of a  minimum of 3 tests and a maximum of 5 tests, depending on the Stage II system that has been installed.

Annual Stage II testing is the performance of a pressure decay test, one of the five tests that is discussed above. Some systems also require nozzle tests to assure that the nozzles are performing according to the manufacturer's specifications. 

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 Precision Leak Detection

We use two different computerized non-destructive systems to perform our tank testing services. They are (1) underfill testing and (2) overfill testing. The protocols used to test your tanks and lines are refinements of protocols that have been used for over twenty years. Your tanks are not subjected to destructive forces. Typically, head pressure is at 2 to 3 psi relative to the water table. This is well within the specifications of tank manufacturers.

We use a Triple Line Tester to minimize downtime when doing a product line test..

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  Compliance Consulting

Compliance Consulting involves the following activities:

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 Vapor Extraction Remediation Services

Our vapor extraction equipment is manufactured by VR Systems of California. It has been used to clean up gasoline spills by most of the major oil companies. The unit creates a vacuum on the underground plume and vaporizes the gasoline. We have successfully removed gasoline from tank pits standing on top of groundwater to less than 100 ppm, thereby eliminating the need for excavation to remove the spill.

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